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The factory of the future:

2MAtech has for many years been involved in the technologies showcased in the factory of the future, and more particularly:

- additive manufacturing;

- the digital factory, modelling process flows and the supply chain;

- robotics, the automation of productive processes and systems.

From a point mechanical of view, we work on:

- part design;

- topological optimization;

- mechanical strength.

From an organizational point of view:

- these new means of additive manufacturing must be integrated into a production line already in place or being developed, and notably the industrial workshops need to be redesigned.


Connected Machine - Big Data

  Presentation of our activities  

Simulation, control and optimization of production lines

Designing and optimizing the layout of a workshop or factory based on functional links and/or material flows   Analysing the arrangement of the workshop and/or production lines.   Designing and/or studying production facilities, modelling and digitally simulating their performance.

Additive manufacturing

Characterizing and expertly assessing materials upstream and downstream of the process:

- studying the digital design chain up to the finalized product, by integrating in-line inspection and manufacturing data processing to boost the repeatability of the process

- modéliser, paramétrer des formes complexes et les optimiser ;

- optimisation globale du processus de fabrication intégrant fabrication additive et usinage.


Automating - Robotizing

Study, programming, experimentation on a robotic cell. Designing a robotized station by factoring in cycle time and output cost criteria. Design, simulation and generation of the trajectories of a robot.

Expert assessment of the material failures and processes

Failure analysis, expert appraisal and analysis of damage, product quality defects…

Exploratory surveys prior to follow-up examinations, including a morphological analysis of the part, 2MAtech partners you.

Designing and optimizing industrial systems and processes

Modelling and resolving a real decision-making problem, analysing the result and presenting it to the decision-maker. Locating, scaling and laying out a warehouse within an industrial supply chain, being able to determine a distribution logistics organization.

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About 2MAtech

About us

SAS 2MAtech was initially set up through a willingness to merge a materials laboratory and a mechanical technology transfer that for more than 20 years had offered services supporting industrialists in the development projects.

2MAtech is an engineering and expert appraisal company working primarily in the fields of advanced mechanics and materials.

Ten engineers and about thirty associated researchers work to partner SMEs and SMIs and large industrial groups on their technological projects.

Our expertise relies on our two units:

- Materials science

- Industrial engineering - Advanced mechanics

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