Industrial organization


Designing industrial facilities

Designing or optimizing the layout of a factory or workshop based on functional links and/or material flows.

Dynamically simulating logistics and production flows within the factory

An industrial system presents random events, synchronized flows, a multitude of processes or even resources shared by several processes.

To address this issue we partner you, offering dynamic simulations of flows, to validate your choices and decisions.




Example of the assembly line

Modeling and analysis of production systems

Defining the main performance indicators for production systems, analysing the specifications of the industrial systems Mapping flows in a workshop, specifying its functioning to assess its performance.



Example of Advanced Stock Study

Modelling robots & mechatronics systems

Study, programming, experimentation on a robotic cell..

Designing a robotized station by factoring in cycle time and output cost criteria.

Design, simulation and generation of trajectories for controlling a robot through the use of different models.



Numerical simulation


Example of robotic machining








Industrial system and process

Distribution logistics

Locating, scaling and laying out a warehouse within an industrial supply chain, being able to determine a distribution logistics organization (choosing the transportation mode, organization, defining delivery rounds).


Modelling and configuring a complex system in CAD; Modelling a complex assembly, configuring and simulating it in kinematics; Generating a machining programme from a CAD model.


Example armored door


Example panel
of signaling