Materials characterization

We carry out tests, analyses and measurements for SMEs, SMIs and large industrial groups to verify compliance with customers’ standards/specifications and validate and qualify a process.


Mechanical tests


Tensile test, bending test, compression test (in ambient, hot and cold conditions)

Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell hardness measurements

Micro-hardness measurement (characterization of surface treatments)

Test par DMA


Chemical analyses


Determining chemical composition (by electric spark spectrometry)

Carbon and sulphur assay (LECO combustion analysis)

Assay, identification and quantification of molecules (gas chromatography)

Semi-quantitative analysis (scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive spectroscopy)



Macrographic and micrographic examination (using optical microscopy and/or electron microscopy combined with X-ray microanalysis)

Characterizing the microstructure of metal alloys (validation of the customer’s technical specifications, checking the absence of defects)

Corrosion and ageing tests


Standardized corrosion analysis (ISO, AFNOR, ASTM) or based on specifications

Ageing test (controlled environment chamber, saline mist)

Materials expertise

Failure analysis – Expert appraisal and analysis of damage – Product quality defects


Exploratory survey


Analysing the circumstances of the failure or damage, the life cycle, the operating conditions, the environment…


Morphological analysis of the part


Determining the type of damage (rupture (e.g.: fragile, ductile, fatigue, etc.), corrosion, corrosion under stress)…

Defining loading mode and the type of stress


Follow-up examinations


Confirming or clarifying the causes of sparkover and the modes of propagation

Checking the conformity of materials with specifications.